Since 2013 Imagination Technologies received several CoreMark score certifications from the EEMBC consortium. These scores were achieved using CoreMark executables built by gcc compiler version 4.9.x or higher and using a gcc plug-in which added an optimization pass. The plug-in feature has been available in gcc since version 4.9.0.

Since this optimization is generally useful in code compilation, it will be eventually integrated into a future release of gcc (5.1 or later), thereby elimiating the need of the plug-in. For now we are making this plug-in available to the public so that users can reproduce our CoreMark scores if they wish.

To reproduce our CoreMark scores you can:

  1. Download and install the Mentor Sourcery CodeBench Lite tool chain version 2014.11-21 (based on gcc 4.9.1) from:
  2. Download the plug-in file ( from this page
  3. The plug-in is used during compilation by including the following compiler flag:

For more information on how we build the CoreMark benchmark please refer to the CoreMark page at Once there, look for certified CoreMark scores from Imagination Technologies. Each score comes with full disclosure of information about the score submission such as the set of flags used in the compilation and other relevant information. If there is a need of using a different tool chain or building Coremark for Linux, a plug-in unique to that target tool chain will be needed.