PowerVR Tools Software & SDK EULA FAQ

It is important to note that we offer two EULAs – one for the PowerVR SDK, and one for PowerVR Tools Software. The PowerVR Tools Software agreement covers our developer tools (GUIs, command-lines and libraries) and associated documentation, for example PVRTexTool, PVRTrace and the Profiling Compilers. The Power SDK agreement covers our Framework, Examples and associated assets and documents.

This FAQ provides a quick reference for the common questions we receive about the two licences. Please note that the answers are shorthand and, as such, are not legally binding. After reading the information on this page, please refer to the corresponding licence to ensure you have a complete understanding of the licencing terms.


The PowerVR SDK is distributed under the MIT licence and has very few restrictions applied to how the Software can be used. You can find the licence here.

The PowerVR SDK is completely free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are no licence, royalty, support or maintenance fees associated with the PowerVR SDK.
As stated in the MIT licence, the licence shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.


PowerVR Tools Software

The PowerVR Tools Software is released under a custom, but quite permissive, End User Licence Agreement. You can find the licence here.

Note: “Software” means all or any component of software in source or binary form, documentation, or other materials including any related updates or upgrades made available by Imagination.

The PowerVR Tools Software is completely free to use for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. There are no licence, royalty, support or maintenance fees associated with the PowerVR Tools Software.
Yes, you can include the PowerVR Tools Software in your application. All branding should be kept as it was originally, and the following acknowledgement should be displayed clearly in any associated documentation or other collateral in printed or electronic form distributed with the product incorporating the Software:

“This product includes components of the PowerVR Software Tools from Imagination Technologies Limited”

Note: Our licence does not allow PowerVR Tools Software to be distributed on a standalone basis. For example, you must not host a package only containing the PVRTexTool deliverables (CLI, Documentation, GUI, Library, Plugins etc.) on your website. You can, however, redistribute some or all components of a PowerVR Tools Software deliverable as long as it is part of a larger package. For example, you can include the PVRTexTool library, headers and documentation within an application (game, middleware etc.) package as long as the branding and acknowledgement terms described above are adhered to.

Yes, providing the terms under which you are distributing that component of the Tools is no less restrictive than those in the PowerVR Tools Software EULA. You also need to comply with our Attribution Requirements found in the EULA (discussed in FAQ item 2).
No. You are not permitted to modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, revise or enhance the PowerVR Tools, create derivative works or attempt to discover the source code for any element of the PowerVR Tools not already provided in source code form.
Yes. You can hide messages printed by our command-line tools, including copyright notices.