To ease 3D graphics application development, the SDK includes a cross-platform OS and API abstraction layer, as well as a library of helper tools for maths and resource loading. It also features optimized example applications to demonstrate the most efficient ways of implementing common 3D graphics effects on PowerVR GPUs, and a cross-platform, cross-API framework.
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The PowerVR Framework is a cross-platform and cross-API framework that acts as a scaffold for you to build your own rendering or game engine around. It features a number of modules at varying levels of abstraction, and consists of:

  • PVRCore
  • PVRShell
  • PVRAssets
  • PVRUIRenderer
  • PVRPlatformGlue
  • PVRCamera
  • gnomehorde

    Example Applications

    The examples provided in the SDK are fully commented, highly optimized C++ applications that cover a variety of rendering techniques. They are designed in a step-by-step tutorial style to gradually guide the most inexperienced graphics developers from a simple render of a single triangle to complex scenes that incorporate many objects, animations and shader effects.


    Developed by leading hardware, game engine and platform vendors, the Vulkan graphics and compute API has been designed for portability across multiple platforms. The PowerVR Graphics SDK 2016 R1 was developed alongside Vulkan and as such features:

  • A Vulkan backend for the PowerVR Framework abstraction layer
  • New examples to demonstrate key Vulkan features
  • Various examples of Vulkan code

  • Documentation

    The SDK contains a wealth of manuals, whitepapers and training materials to educate and inform developers of the most suitable rendering techniques, why they are well suited to the PowerVR architecture and how to get to grips with the utilities to leverage their full capabilities. In addition to its inclusion to the SDK, the documentation is also hosted on the website here.

    Supported Platforms

    Supported Operating Systems OpenGL
    ES 2.0
    ES 3.0
    ES 3.1
    table_ios_os iOS
    7.0 or newer
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    table_android_os Android
    4.1 (Jelly Bean) and newer (ARM, X86 & MIPS)
    tick tick tick
    table_linux_os Linux
    (ARMv7, ARMv7 HF, X86 & MIPS)
    tick tick tick
    table_windows_os Windows PC emulation
    Windows 7 and newer (X86 & X64)
    tick tick tick
    table_osx_os OS X PC Emulation
    10.7 (Lion) and newer (X86 & X64)
    tick tick
    table_linux_os Linux PC Emulation
    (X86 & X64)
    tick tick tick