PowerVR GPU Compute Programme

OpenCL on PowerVR GPUs

Imagination has been one of the early pioneers of mobile GPU compute, being the first mobile IP vendor to achieve OpenCL conformance on its PowerVR SGX GPU IP family. To encourage wider adoption of GPU compute in mobile, Imagination is inviting GPU compute developers to enrol in our EAP (Early Access Program) initiative.

If you’re a developer and you would like to take advantage of this exciting opportunity, please complete the below registration form. Make sure to provide as much detail as you can in the ‘Project description’ section of the form; this will allow us to select a limited number of projects that are suitable for mobile use cases.

Though not a comprehensive list, here are some of the following areas of particular interest:

  • Image processing: computational photography (image filters and effects, HDR imaging, noise reduction for low cost sensors, etc.), face detection and beautification (red-eye removal, smile/blink detection, etc.), augmented reality, UI control
  • Audio processing: voice recognition, synthesis and control, audio effects, noise cancellation, beamforming (for directional microphones and/or speakers)
  • Video processing: multi-standard video encoding/decoding (HEVC, VP9, etc.), noise reduction for low cost sensors, video filters and effects (increasing brightness in low light conditions, anti-shaking and image stabilizing, etc.)

Early Access Programme

You can find more details about the early access programme here.