PowerVR PVRScope
PVRScope is a library with a very simple API that can be incorporated into applications to directly retrieve the same PowerVR GPU hardware counters that are used in PVRTune. This gives developers the freedom to collect and manipulate this data directly.

Using this library, a developer could graph the data during an application play-test to find performance spikes, generate reports on overall performance, or pass this data to custom profiling tools for further analysis, all of which takes place during an application’s execution. The PVRScope package contains example apps with fully commented source code to demonstrate these use cases.

PVRScope can also communicate directly with PVRTune to provide custom counters as well as real-time, editable data, such as new values or a tweaked shader, allowing users to profile different variations of their application without recompiling.

Key Features

  • Allows applications to directly retrieve PowerVR GPU hardware counters
  • Gives developers the freedom to manipulate counter data for their own analysis
  • Example source code to demonstrate its capabilities
  • Can send custom counters, annotated markers and editable data to PVRTune

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