PVRShaderEditor is a light-weight shader editing tool that enables users to rapidly develop optimal shaders for PowerVR GPUs. It integrates the SDK’s offline GLSL ES compilers to allow real-time compilation as you type. Shader compilation gives per-line cycle count estimates, a simulated total cycle count estimate, compilation information (including any errors or warnings), and other useful statistics. All of this combines to give an immediate understanding of the performance cost of a shader without having to interact with a PowerVR-based device. It also includes syntax highlighting for the most commonly used shader and GPGPU languages for PowerVR platforms.

Key Features

  • Syntax highlighting for GLSL ES, GLSL, PFX, HLSL and OpenCL Kernels
  • Supports PowerVR Series5, Series5XT and Series6 offline GLSL ES compilers
  • Per-line cycle count estimates (PowerVR Series5, Series5XT and Series6 GPUs)
  • Simulated performance estimates (PowerVR Series5 and Series5XT GPUs)
  • Series6, Series6XT and Series6 FP16 disassembly


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