PVRShaman is a shader composer that loads PowerVR Object Data (POD) files and uses the PowerVR Effects (PFX) format to enable rapid prototyping of shaders for OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0 and OpenGL. PVRShaderEditor is integrated into PVRShaman, allowing users to benefit from syntax highlighting, per-line cycle count estimates and all of the other great features the standalone shader editing tool provides. The IDE is also capable of loading PowerVR Texture (PVR) files and a variety of other commonly used image formats. All of this is done with the addition of a visualization window, allowing users to get instant feedback on any changes made.

Key Features

  • WYSIWYG concept allows rapid prototyping of new shaders
  • Loads and renders POD files
  • Leverages the flexibility of the PFX format to manage shaders
  • Built on top of the POD, PFX, and PVR resource loading code in PVRTools. This ensures that applications can easily load the same files in their own applications
  • Integrated PVRShaderEditor. This allows syntax highlighting and shader performance estimates


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