PVRTexTool is a utility for compressing textures, which is an important technique that ensures the lowest possible texture memory overhead at application run-time. The PVRTexTool package includes a library, command-line and GUI tools, and a set of plug-ins. Plug-ins are available for Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, and Adobe Photoshop.

Each component is capable of converting to a variety of popular compressed texture formats such as PVRTC and ETC, as well as all of the core texture formats for a variety of different APIs. They also include a number of advanced features to pre-process the image data, for example, border generation, colour bleeding and normal map generation.

Textures can be saved to DDS, KTX, or PVR (Imagination’s PowerVR Texture Container format which benefits from full public specification, support for custom metadata, as well as complete and optimized resource loading code in the PVRTools).

Key Features

  • Supports all core texture formats in OpenGL ES and DirectX 11.1
  • PVRTC, ETC and DXT texture compression
  • Outputs to PVR, KTX, or DDS files
  • Pre-processing textures for efficient rendering
  • Normal map generation
  • Composition and visualization of cube maps
  • Optimized font to texture creation
  • Creation of texture arrays


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