PVRTune is the PowerVR GPU performance analysis tool. It consists of two parts: PVRTune and PVRPerfServer. These work alongside PVRHub and PVRScope to provide comprehensive performance analysis.


PVRTune is a GUI analysis tool that collects and visualizes counter data. The tool graphs data in real-time to allow developers to check the performance of their applications whilst they are running. It also allows data to be saved and stored in the PVRTUNE file format to be collected and analyzed later.


PVRPerfServer is a light-weight server application that runs on the target device, retrieving GPU hardware counters. It collects stats for the individual modules within PowerVR GPUs, such as the USSE (Universal Scalable Shader Engine), TA (Tile Accelerator), ISP (Image Synthesis Processor) and TSP (Texture and Shading Processor). To complement the GPU hardware stats, the tool also has a number of software stats, such as frames per-second (FPS) and CPU load.

Key Features

  • Analyzes performance of PowerVR GPUs in real-time
  • Provides fine-grain GPU performance information to easily identify bottlenecks



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