2700g windows mobile driver

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    Hello everybody,

    I have a question about Windows Mobile driver for intel 2700g graphics. Please exuse me for my poor English…


    About a year ago I’ve bought Dell Axim X51v handheld with intel 2700g graphics inside. Unfortunately, when I went to the Internet to upgrade the firmware (for some of a business applications that required a newer WM build), I understood that Dell had stopped the support of its handhelds, so there will be no updates.

    That day I’ve found unofficial public community that continues to release the Dell Axim X51v firmwires with newer WM builds. Those guys really help the Dell Axim owners though Dell has stopped the support.

    When Windows Mobile 6.1 was ported to Axim X51v, it has been noticed that old video driver has problems with WM 6.1 with builds 19588 and up (there are some problems displaying the menu etc). So, we need a new driver 🙁

    The driver we have is ddi_2700g.dll based on ddi_powervr.dll, file version by Imagination Technologies…


    Is there any ability to obtain a newer driver? Or this old ddi_powervr.dll driver sources, so we can fix it by ourselves….

    I understand that there is almost no chance, but…


    Unfortunately the only way you could get an updated driver is through Marvell (who bought Intel’s XScale business two years ago), and Marvell have discontinued the 2700g. So there will be no newer drivers.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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