Android: Skia’s drawBitmap using OpenGL

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    We are considering to speed up Skia’s drawBitmap using OpenGL.

    Since OpenGL needs loading texture before drawing, which normally takes a lot of time.

    We would like to consider a method of drawing texture without loading.

    SurfaceFlinger uses eglCreateImageKHR for registering surface as texture.

    It also enables to draw texture without loading. This function expects input of GraphicBuffer

    type, casted to android_native_buffer_t.

    But since Skia don’t have a GraphicBuffer, Is there a way for inputting Bitmap to

    eglCreateImageKHR as GraphicBuffer? [OR] Is there any function similar to

    eglCreateImageKHR that can take Bitmap as input? Also can OpenGL (SGX) handle data out of GraphicBuffer?

    Any sample/pseudo code would be useful?



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