ANNOTATION in PFX breaks ShaderEditor/Shaman

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    the PFX specification now states an EFFECT can have ANNOTATION elements for user-defined strings. We are actively using these for specifying additional input to the renderer. However, both PVRShaderEditor and PVRShaman reject this.

    I have attached a simply PFX to demonstrate this.

    Trying to compile this in PVRShaderEditor 2.6 (SDK build 3.5@3523712) gives the error

    Error while parsing PFX:
    Unknown keyword ‘ANNOTATION’ in [EFFECT] on line 32

    Attempting to assign this effect in PVRShaman 2.3 (SDK build 3.3531700) gives the error

    The selected effect file contains no effects!
    Please select another file.

    with the same error appearing in the log as in PVRShaderEditor.

    If I remove the ANNOTATION field everything works fine.

    I guess someone didn’t tell the PFX parser there is a new keyword. Right now we have to manually remove the ANNOTATION fields, assign the materials in Shaman and put them back in.




    ANNOTATION should be a sub-block within the EFFECT block.

    I’ve looked at the documentation and there’s an unfortunate pagebreak above the table describing ANNOTATION, so I can see how it could be misleading.

    I will forward this as feedback for our documentation lead.



    Well that explains a lot. Changed it to a block and now it works.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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