BCzT and BCzF instructions

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    I am trying to understand how those two instructions work. I read the MIPS manual and it says (BCzT), “Compute a branch target address by adding address of
    instruction in the 16-bit offset (shifted left two bits and signextended to 32-bits). Branch to the target address (with a delay of one instruction) if co-processor z’s condition line is true.”
    So I understand how the address is calculated but the part I don’t understand is the, ” if co-processor z’s condition line is true”, part. What condition line is it talking about? Which register? Is it talking about the 4 MSBs of the status register in COP0?



    When it refers to “co-processor z’s condition line”, z = co-processor 1 or 2.

    BCzT is not a valid MIPS instruction, the instructions are BC1T or BC2T for co-processor 1 or 2’s compare register set by an instruction like c.lt.s.

    Using a MIPS FP unit, you need co-processor 1, so BC1T or BC1F.



    Oh thanks. That clears up things. I am working on Playstation 1 system and it lacks FP unit so any coprocessor 1 instructions won’t get executed. Coprocessor 2 is GPU so maybe it uses those instructions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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