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    Hello there,

    Currently we are using Android 2.2 as the base and we found that the dlopen() can’t support get symbols from main. So the dlopen(NULL,flags) will crash since there is no protection. We heard that the bionic linker in Gingerbread has added the support and we wonder does current MIPs port version had this patch for both of 2.2 and 2.3?


    Thanks and Best Regards,


    Teresa Tao


    In gingerbread: bionic/libc/CHANGES.TXT

    – <dlfcn.h>: fixed dlopen() implementation to support dlopen(NULL, …).
      This allows one to look at the dynamic symbols exported by an executable.


    The following source code allows passing “NULL”.


    (In linker/linker.c)

    soinfo *find_library(const char *name)

        soinfo *si;

        const char *bname;


        if (name == NULL)

            return somain;


        if (name == NULL)

            return NULL;



    In froyo linker/linker.c, we doesn't have this code.

    So, I think only gingerbread (2.3) and later can support this feature. 2.2 doesn't.
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