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    Hi everyone,

    I’ve had my CI20 for a day over a month now. While I’ve been pleased with it, overall, I’ve run into an odd problem.

    Lately I can’t get it to run for a sustained period of time. Sometimes it’ll run for a couple hours, and then freeze up. I can power cycle and get it back up.

    At first I thought that maybe I was installing software that was causing it, but today I reflashed to the latest Debian 7, started an upgrade, and it froze before finishing that.

    Any thoughts?




    Hi Larry,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I apologize for the board freezing up.
    We’ve had some boards fail with an issue with the memory chip.

    Could you install memtester and run it?
    on the ci20.

    > apt-get install memtester
    > free
    This command will show how much free memory left.
    > memtester 850M

    This will thrash the memory bus.

    We are looking at tweaking DDR parameters in software for a fix..

    Do you have an sd card to run memtester using the image here?
    This image has some tweaked parameters.




    Hi ZubairLK,

    Thanks for the help. When I ran memtester from the normal setup, I could never seem to get it past either the Stuck Address test or the Random Value Test without it freezing up, but no error was reported.

    When I ran the buildroot version, it ran much better, getting all the way to Checkerboard before showing some errors:

    Checkerboard: setting 36 FAILURE: 0xaaaaaaaa != 0x55555555 at offset 0x15af4cfc.
    FAILURE: 0x55555555 != 0xaaaaaaaa at offset 15af4d00.
    Bit Spread: testing 4 FAILURE: 0xffffffaf != 0x00000050 at offset 0x07722c80.
    FAILURE: 0x00000050 != 0xffffffaf at offset 0x07722c84.
    Bit Flip: setting 48

    At this point the CI20 froze up.




    Hi Larry,

    Apologies for the failures you are seeing.

    Please request an RMA by sending an email to

    Make sure you send a link to this forum post with the request.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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