Cross platform, backwards compatible, cross device app: How do you set up a project?

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    I'm going to be developing a cross platform app (Android/iOS) and want to be able to target MIPS Android as well as ARM and x86.


    I also, want to target older devices (which will be ARM), I will be making it compatible with version 8 so I can test on my Galaxy S.


    Now, I'll be using the NDK for the backend stuff and then create the UI on top natively linking to the compiled lib.


    I have the NDK and MIPS SDK configured and set up with Eclipse. I've downloaded other SDK's from the SDK manager, and all works fine.


    I just don't know how to create an Android project so that I can target all the versions up to ICS and all the architectures. do I have to set up sub-projects and create multiple APK's? i.e. pre-ICS (ARM/x86) and ICS and above(ARM/x86/MIPS)?


    Also, even if I pick an older SDK, my debug configurations only list the MIPS AVD, not the ARM one. I don't know why.





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