Does Codscape Console really support Bus Blaster probe?

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    On the page I found text “Imagination software development and debug tools that can be used with the Bus Blaster, include …, Codescape Console, …”
    On this page there isn’t link to Codescape console. So I downloaded it from other page. I installed it successfully. But I can’t run this program correctly for Bus Blaster. There isn’t info about probe name format for Bus Blaster. I tried “BBxxxx” or “Bus Blaster” but result is nothing.

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    Which version of codescape console do you have installed?
    Try entering the command discoverprobes()
    That should give you a response something like this:

    >>> discoverprobes()
    0 : 'BusBlaster BUSBLASTERv3c-FTZ5VSPXA'

    Then you can connect with the probe() command, like this:

    >>> probe('BusBlaster BUSBLASTERv3c-FTZ5VSPXA')
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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