FSAAMode: PVRShell Unable to make context current

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        Hi, I’m using ADS512101 from freescale, which has a MPC5121e CPU with an integrated graphics engine, the PowerVR MBX Lite IP core.
        I write some graphics programs using PowerVR SDK(version downloaded from freescale netsite. It works OK on the target board until adding the prameter “-FSAAMode=2”, giving the following message:

    [root@freescale bin]# ./OGLESVirtualInstrument -FSAAMode=2 -info              
    Can’t open keypad input device (/dev/input/event1)
    Can’t open remote control input device (/dev/ttyS1)

    App name: OGLESVirtualInstrument
    SDK version:

    Read path:  /usr/local/bin/
    Write path: /usr/local/bin/

    Command-line: -FSAAMode=2 -info

    Power saving: On
    FSAAMode requested: 2
    Fullscreen: Yes
    PBuffer requested: No
    ZBuffer requested: Yes
    Stencil buffer requested: No
    Software rendering requested: No
    OpenVG requested: No
    Swap Interval requested: 1
    PVRShell: EGL 1.2 initialized
    Exit message has been set to: “PVRShell: Unable to make context current”.
    InitAPI failed!
    PVRShell: Unable to make context current


        Could anyone give some help? Thanks!

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