Laptop / HTPC / Games creation using MIPS Creator CI20 development board

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    Laptop / HTPC / Games creation using MIPS Creator CI20 development board

    The possibilities of the board look promising, but I would like to know of how it can be implemented.

    For instance for development purposes and prototyping, would it be possible to cannibalise an existing laptop with the MIPS Creator CI20 development board? How would you go about connecting the screen, keyboard, audio, controls etc. to make a ‘test mule’. What form factors would it fit into?

    I have several spare Windows laptops in various states of disrepair.

    Sony VAIO VGN-FZ21E (NVidia GPU fault)

    Sony VAIO VGN-NS20E (Possible HD Failure)

    HP Pavilion (AMD CPU & GPU overheating)

    So the questions are:

    1. How to connect the laptop screen to the MIPS board?

    2. How to connect the keyboard to the MIPS board

    3. Audio connectors & Sound controls + Older laptops WIFI on / off switch

    4. Power button on / off / power down

    5. AV mode button

    6. Webcam / Camera

    How would I implement all of the above within a test mule platform considering most older laptops can be found used for as little as £39 – £80 which would make prototyping and development environments extremely cheap for home brew communities.


    Alex Voica

    Hi Deji,

    Nice talking to you today. You can find the list of board schematics at


    Thanks nice talking to you today too, I am creating a website : to build a community that can work on developing a working prototype laptop unit with the MIPS board and development of design for a future dedicated laptop style unit using 3D printer fabrication and existing generic laptop parts.

    Twitter/Twitch/Everyplay: @DJone01

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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