MIPS, Dealing With Arrays and Lists

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    I’m having a hard time with lists and using them properly and haven’t been able to find much help so far.

    I have this method written out in Java:

    public static void getQuot(int[] r, int[] q) {

    int i = 0;
    while(r[i+1] != 0) {
    q[i+1] = r / r[i+1];
    r[i+2] = r
    % r[i+1];

    System.out.print(q[i+1] + ", ");

    I have this so far in MIPS (as far as the method goes):

    	# get Quotients, store to q
    li $t1,0 # i
    add $t2,$t1,4 # i + 1
    add $t3,$t1,8 # i + 2
    la $a0,r
    lw $t8,$t1($a0) # load t8 & t9 for division
    lw $t9,$t2($a0)
    div $t8,$t9
    mflo $t4
    sw $t4,$t3($a0) # store quotient in r[i+2]
    la $a0,q
    mfhi $t4
    sw $t4,$t2($a0) # store remainder in r[i+1]
    addi $t1,$t1,1 # i++
    bnez $t1($a0),getQuot

    I also have these list in .data if that’s relevant:

    r: .word 0:100
    q: .word 0:100

    The problem I’m having is with doing something like lw $t8,$t1($a0), from the errors I’m getting I’m assuming I can’t use a register to denote a location on the list? If so, how can I go about creating this loop properly?



    What debugger do you have available?

    Can you step through and inspect what is being loaded into the registers here?



    add $t2, $t1, $a0
    lw t8 ($t2)

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