MIPS Navigator Probe JTAG fails with Interaptive

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    I am using MIPS ICS evaluation license to setup Nucleus RTOS on MIPS Malta-R board running a MIPS Interaptive (4c2v) core. In the debug launch configuration, the JTAG check passes but when I try to debug, I get the following message:

    “Unable to communicate with target CPU; Processor never accessed DMSEG”

    I am using an old MIPS navigator probe (SNAV-MIPS-USB ; Serial 42279). Please let me know how should I go about fixing this problem and what might be causing it.


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    Some things get confused. You should exit navigatorICS, power down the Malta, stop the HDI service start the HDI service, power cycle the probe, power up the Malta and try again.

    Also is looks like your target setting is for a 34K and an interAptiv however I don’t think that would cause the problem you are seeing.

    In the future you should use the Partner Portal for these types of questions.

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