MIPSfpga SoC: Advanced Starter Tutorial

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    The third instalment of our MIPSfpga materials are in beta-test.
    MIPSfpga SoC – Advanced Starter Tutorial[/b] will provide an excellent platform for exploring SoC design and running Linux.
    Brief details:
    MIPSfpga SOC. The Advanced package will be available later in Q4 2015 and enables you to run Buildroot Linux on MIPSfpga specifically using the Nexys4 DDR platform. The microAptiv core is packaged as an IP block usable by Vivado IP Integrator. As a result, AXI based IP blocks from Xilinx can easily be interfaced with the MIPS core. These are used to create an example SoC, such as a design with a UART and Ethernet, running under Linux, on MIPSfpga. A custom AXI GPIO block along with an example Linux driver is also provided. There is extensive documentation included. Collectively these provide an excellent basis for an SoC course that is highly relevant to the needs of the chip design industry, although the level of complexity makes this a postgrad class. PhD students and Postdocs will also find this material very useful for advanced projects.

    Info-Sheet details here:

    MIPSfpga v2.0 Teaching Materials Information Sheet

    Access to the beta-test is by invitation. Please message me if you wish to participate.

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    Request access to MIPSfpga SoC

    I am a instructor at the Johns Hopkins University teaching a graduate level computer architecture class (525.412). I am currently converting the class to the Sarah Harris’s text, and would like to have my graduate students do some advanced projects based on MIPSfpga. Please give me permission to access the beta files to determine the suitability for my graduate class.


    Dr. Nicholas Beser
    email: nbeser1@jhu.edu



    Will you release MIPSfpga SoC before the Christmas?



    Hi Dr. Nicholas,
    Please find separate email!! 🙂

    Hi Lei,
    We are aiming to release the SoC package in Q1 2016


    Dear SoC Enthusiasts
    We hope to release SoC early in February.
    The password will be removed and the usual download procedure will apply (Log-In, go to resources>MIPSfpga>English and SoC will be there to request).
    THANKS for the HIGH level of interest! 🙂

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