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    I installed NavigatorICS on my Windows 7 PC,
    and I also installed Sourcery Codebench Lite for MIPS ELF.
    Can anyone let me know how I can make Codebench Lite visible in NavigatorICS?

    When I make a new project and try to select Toolchains, Codebench Lite is not showing up.

    Thanks in advance.



    The Codebench Lite toolchain is not natively supported as a “plugin” toolchain in NavICS. This means that the Managed Make system cannot be used with the lite toolchain.

    You can still create projects and use the Lite toolchain to build them, but you need to create Makefile projects (instead of Managed projects) and then create and maintain the makefile manually. NavICS will build the project and parse the build output just as with Managed project. You also need to ensure that the lite toolchain bin directory is in your environment path and comes before the pro toolchain path. (You can also remove the pro toolchain path bin directory entirely).


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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