Porting Android on SigmaDesigns smp86xx SoC

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    I have downloaded 2.3.5 code tree from github.com/mips, now I'm tring to port it to Sigma Designs platform. Now the new porting started up from 8654 successfully.
    Change logs
    1) Added smp86xx under device folder
    2) Compiled mrua package under Gingerbread tree
    3) TangoX kernel tree added
    4) gingerbreadr3_mips/external/curl added
    5) gingerbreadr3_mips/external/busybox added

    Anyone is interesting in this porting? maybe we can work together



    Hi Toming!

    I'm interested in this issue.

    I'm using smp86xx SoC of Sigma Design too and bring up Android Foryo via NFS server.

    Now, I want to porting that system on NFS server which have some my software to nand flash . But i have no experience about this regard.

    Can you help me? plz!





    Please just wait, when I finish the basic system porting, I will open the code tree.

    Now it cannot be interacted with mouse and keyboard. Here I can share a screen with you. 🙂About Ginerbread on Sigma Designs platform

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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