problems with PVRFrame for OpenGL ES 2 under XP

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    I just download your SDK to begin developp for Pandora
    also i wanted to use the Opengl ES 2 SDK but i have a big problem

    i tried binaries but all i seen is primitives things : colours, triangle or rectangle but no texture , text, and other …Cry

    so i tried same but with SDK OpenGL ES 1.1, and all binaries works fine Wink

    My configuration : laptop Toshiba Satellite under XP

    graphic card inside : ATI RADEON XPRESS 200M OpenGL 2.1 full

    for example for the Alpha blend i see only three rectangle blue … Confused

    please help i need to see result program OpenGL ES 2 on my PC …. Pandora is not release yet : Wink



    Hi Arialia,

    Unfortunately it is a known fact to us that the PVRVFrame emulation library doesn’t behave the same way on all the graphics cards out there. So far we’ve had the best experience with running PVRVFrame on nVidia cards but we’ll continue working on it and will add support for other cards when possible.

    Please keep pinging our download page for a new version of PVRVFrame.



    Ok thanks

    but the description of PVRFrame says 

    lease click the link below to continue downloading ‘OpenGL POWERVR VFrame’

    OGLES PVRVFrame (Build:

    or the file is and files in this archive are older than PVRFrame in SDK Shocked

    maybe it work on linux ? i don’t try yet Smile

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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