PVRTexLib Crash with Visual Studio 2015

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    Joe Davis

    I’ve chased up the TexTool lead. A fix for the issue has been back-ported to our upcoming release (due mid-March).

    Over the 5+ years I have been using the tools from PVR, I noticed very often changes, why can’t it stay concistant. If you want to “play” make it a new option, don’t break old stuff please.

    The compressor does go through regression testing before each release, but it’s possible regressions will have occurred if we don’t have suitable tests in place to catch them. If you can explain the issues and share images to reproduce them I’ll discuss with the compressor team. Images can be shared privately by attaching them to a support portal ticket.



    Joe, I did as you suggested and wrote a support ticket.


    Everytime I want to compile an app on vs 2015 – it crashes. Even if I want to compile the main function or write something to it, there appears a window, which says.

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    Hi Pierre,

    Thanks for reporting the issue. I’ve filed it as BRN58175 in our tracker. The PVRTexTool lead is now investigating.

    BTW: There already exists a bug report from May 2015 for the very same issue:

    The comments say that Joe Davis also created an internal bug tracker entry back then. So maybe the TexLib lead should start taking those bug reports seriously without being bugged by Joe.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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