PVRTexToolCLI Raw Data Wrapping

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    Hi, I have successfully managed to wrap some raw textures to the PVRTC 4BPP format using the GUI. However I am having some trouble locating the same function in the CLI version of PVRTexTool. Because the texture data is raw, I am unable to specify any of the file formats mentioned in the input tooltip (KTX, DDS etc).

    I require the use of the CLI interface to batch automate some conversion processes.

    Assistance and input is greatly appreciated 🙂


    Joe Davis

    Hi Henry,

    Unfortunately, this functionality only exists in the GUI tool. We could add an interface to the command line, but I suspect it would be quite unwieldy. I would recommend generating a TGA or BMP header for your raw data.

    Hope this helps,



    Actually it would be a great help if the command line could include that feature as I can’t find any other software that offers the same wrapping feature that PVRTexTool has. I initially thought that the GUI was built around the CLI as if it were a wrapper. I don’t work with image formats much unfortunately, so I don’t really know how I’m supposed to go about with generating those headers.


    Simon Fenney

    Does the CLI version support PNM file formats? They might be a compromise solution as the headers for those are utterly trivial. For example, they can be produced with a single printf in C, and then the raw RGB data is simply concatenated.


    Joe Davis

    Does the CLI version support PNM file formats?

    Not yet. I’ve filed BRN58174 for the suggestion to support PNM, Seems like a neat way to quickly wrap raw data.

    initially thought that the GUI was built around the CLI as if it were a wrapper

    Most of the functionality comes from the PVRTexTool library. Unfortunately though, there are some features that are GUI specific.

    I haven’t used it before, but this free to use library has a very clean API for generating TGA files: http://research.cs.wisc.edu/graphics/Gallery/LibTarga/



    I’ve did some analysis on the raw compressed texture and the wrapped texture. It seems like the GUI just generates a proper PVR header for the texture to be readable. I’ll try a quick hack to see if I can discard the existing unknown header and generate one based on the whitepaper for the PVR format.

    Thanks for the input so far, learning new things 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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