PVRVFrame – bug – ES 1.x – glTexImage2D

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    Using PVRVFrame OpenGL ES 1.1, I have reproduced some strange bugs: glTexImage2D reports unjustified gl errors (see below). The bugs can also be reproduced with PVRVFrame 2.08.*.

    The steps to reproduce:
      1. Create EGL context
      2. Push 2 matrices on GL_MODELVIEW stack
      3. Destroy EGL context
      4. Create new EGL context
      5. Notice that GL_MODELVIEW_STACK_DEPTH returns 3 !
      6. Pop 2 matrices from GL_MODELVIEW stack (no error is reported)
      7. A valid call for glTexImage2D (with a valid texture 2d binded)

    0, GL_RGBA, 512, 512, 0, GL_RGBA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, data)

    fails with GL_STACK_UNDERFLOW (note that before the call, glGetError returned GL_NO_ERROR).

    Two issues to be noticed here:
      1. The matrix stack seems to be static — it is not reset for the new GL context.
      2. glTexImage2D is affected by an error that doesn’t have anything to do with glTexImage2D parameters.

    Sometimes, I get GL_INVALID_ENUM in valid calls for glTexImage2D (and that even without recreating the GL context).

    If this is indeed a genuine issue in the PVRVFrame implementation, can someone advise how can I implement a workaround for it (until will be fixed)?

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