Question for PowerVR QScreen Driver in Qt 4.5

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    From Technology Preview – Qt 4.5, we can get the new qt4.5 for test and valuation.With the README in qt-embedded-linux-commercial-src-4.5.0-tp1srcpluginsgfxdriverspowervr we get the information:

    …**************************************************************************** IMPORTANT: To build the QScreen plugin and the WSEGL library it depends ** on, the pvr2d.h, wsegl.h headers for your platform are required. These  ** can be obtained either through your platform provider or directly from  ** Imagination Technologies.                                               ****************************************************************************…

    I want to kown where I can get these headers. Thanks so much!

    Is there anybody encounter the same problem as me?

    xkdzy20022008-10-23 04:31:11

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