Question on location of Flow Cloud Data Centre

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    I am working on an MSc project in which I am developing for flow cloud. I am doing latency tests, and in order to put things into perspective in my analysis for the report, I would like to know where the Flow Cloud Data Centre(s) is/are located. Thanks.


    Dear Tawachi
    The FlowCloud data centre is in the UK, not far from London. It is owned and run by Imagination Technologies (not rented space on someone else’s cloud…)
    If you need more info, especially technical details, use the FlowCloud Developers Forum.

    We wish you success with your project!
    Best wishes,



    Dear RCWO,

    Thank you for the information. Very helpful for my results analysis.

    I am already part of the Flow Cloud Developers Forum. Its just that I needed this information urgently but the Flow Cloud forum has been quiet this August, that’s why I posted in this University Forum.

    Thanks for the best wishes.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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