Running linux on MIPSfpga ?

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    Can MIPSfpga run linux ?

    According to, it says “There are still some extra IP blocks to be configured for the FPGA and software drivers that need to be written, but we are working on it.” since this was a few months ago, I wonder what’s the current status.



    Dear Ziqiang
    Your question timing is very good!
    We now have Buildroot Linux running on a complete MIPSfpga system, with Memory and Interrupt Controllers, AHB<>AXI Bridges (drawn from Xilinx’s IP Integrator Library), and a fully custom GPIO Controller with driver. See the brochures attached. THis will make a wonderful post-grad/PhD student tool for SoC design.
    – The beta-test will be next month, with full release during November.
    – If you would like to join the beta-test to help us debug and polish the materials, please message me.
    Robert Owen

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    Dear Robert Owen
    I am a teacher of the School of CS, Huazhong University of Science and Technology. I am very interested in Running linux on MIPSfpga. How can join the beta-test of the complete MIPSfpga system.
    Diqing Hu


    Dear Diqing
    I have messaged you privately with the password.
    谢谢 Xièxiè for your interest!


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