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    I’m having trouble getting the Training Course binaries to run on a 4460 Pandaboard (with Ubuntu 12.04), and I suspect that I’m using an incorrect SDK. The SDK package I downloaded is named SDK_OGLES2_LINUX_ARMV7_REL_2.10@863987.tar.gz, and the User’s guide only specifies one platform: LinuxARMV7. Looking through the makefile and file structure,  it looks like this is the only platform supported. I’d expect the option for LinuxOMAP4 or LinuxARMV9 for the Pandaboard ES. I belive I got the latest SDK version, and the link was specifically tagged for Pandaboard/4430. Can anyone confirm that this is/not the right SDK, and provide a link if not?

    Also, when I move the binaries from my development platform to the Pandaboard and try to run them, bash returns “No such file or directory”. No errors are reported during the compile/link steps on the dev machine.

    Thank you for you help.


    Joe Davis


    The LinuxARMV7 flag should work. Let us know if you encounter any issues when building with this flag.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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