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    I’m using the newest PowerVR SDK for linux with SDL 1.3. I originally downloaded it because I wanted to investigate a weird bug with my application that only occurs on android.

    When I compile a shader, I get the following message:

    Not Compilable, Log:

    Not Compilable, Log: #version 100

    #version 100#ifdef GL_ES

    #ifdef GL_ESprecision highp float;

    precision highp float;#endif

    #endifuniform mat4 MVP_IN;

    uniform mat4 MVP_IN;attribute vec2 VERT_POS_IN;

    attribute vec2 VERT_POS_IN;void main ()

    void main (){

    { vec4 tmpvar_1;

    vec4 tmpvar_1; = vec2(0.0, 1.0); = vec2(0.0, 1.0); tmpvar_1.xy = VERT_POS_IN;

    tmpvar_1.xy = VERT_POS_IN; gl_Position = (MVP_IN * tmpvar_1);

    gl_Position = (MVP_IN * tmpvar_1);}


    Here’s what’s curious:

    -everything is printed twice (and mixed!) even though I only call the compile function once and there is only a single application thread

    -the shader as you can see is very simple, there is no error message, and it works fine on other platforms (native linux, android, windows)

    -despite the error message the shader is compiled and works just fine – but I do get some opengl errors when I try to delete the shader

    This exact thing happens with all the shaders in my app. Any ideas?maul2012-01-31 08:34:13

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