Shaders to replicate OGLES 1.1 POD’s?

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    This sounds like something that may have been asked before, but after searching the forum, I could not find anything. My apologies in advance if this question has indeed been asked already and I missed it.

    Does anyone know of a standard pair of shaders that can be used as a default to replicate OpenGL ES 1.1 functionality when reading a POD file that contains no specific shader definition of its own?
    I have in mind standardized shaders that could accept uniforms and attributes that had been read from the mesh, lighting, material and skinning content of a POD file (and maybe presented in a POD-format-specific nomenclature to the shaders), and then replicate what OpenGL ES 1.1 would do with the same content.
    While looking around for this, I noticed that the PVRShaman User Manual makes mention of an embedded “default shader”, which sounds like it would do the trick. However, after poking around the PVRShaman distribution, I could not find any recognizable shader files. Are these default shaders embedded in the PVRShaman app itself, or are they available as separate shader files?
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