stderr problem on Windows with MIPS Navigator consloe

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    Hi , I have code like the following

    for(i=0; i<11000l;i++)
    fprintf(stderr, “Emmm%d”, sampling rate);
    When i tried to run its getting hang can you please help me



    Hi Sreenath,

    The more information you can provide about you board, processor, code, tools, and procedures the better…

    The Navigator Console is a standalone low level debugger most often used for device bring-up.
    It can definitely be used to isolate where your code is hanging (just type “halt”) but it does not directly support “host I/O”. (Your compiler/linker settings (for C Libraries, and hosted-I/O) and possibly target ROM monitor API are responsible for making your “fprintf()” do something useful.)

    If you can provide some details I may be able to point you in the right direction…
    (If you really want to do low level EJTAG based debug of your problem then please start by reading the following application note: MD00959-2B-EJTAG-APP-01.00.pdf “Low-level EJTAG Debug”.

    Regards, Scott.


    Hi Scott,

    Thanks a lot for your reply . I am using MIPS Navigator ICS tool and my operating system is WINDOWS XP.
    Coming to code I am running an encoder application on simulator and I am giving the input vector parameters
    through a text file . My code contains lot of statements like “fprints(stderr, “Message”)”. After running for 16 vectors
    The simulator is getting hang. I am not using any board . I am developing this application for 34K processor




    Hi Sreenath,

    Ah… “Navigator (ICS) console” (running gdb talking to a simulator) vs my area of expertise which is “Navigator Console” (low level EJTAG probe based hardware target system debugger…

    I don’t personally spend a lot of time in Navigator ICS connected to a simulator…
    (I do have a lot of experience with 34K and love the capabilities of MT-ASE.)

    Are you able to “pause” your NavICS debug connection and inspect simulator state?
    (How do you know you are “hung” in the fprintf()? (Did you check stacks, step to see if you are in a simple infinite loop and if so, why. Set breakpoint before the “failing” call and step MIPS instructions watching for where things “break”…)

    I will check back on Monday. If you can provide more detail like a command line gdb session log or screen snapshot of halting in the “hang” with all registers displayed, etc… I may be able to help.

    Regards, Scott.

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