textbook about MIPS CPUs now available for download in Russian

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    LONDON, UK – 22 June, 2015
    The Russian translation of a popular textbook about MIPS CPUs, ‘Digital Design and Computer Architecture’ co-written by professors Dr. David Harris and Dr. Sarah Harris can now be downloaded for free from the IUP website.
    Member of academia should visit the Imagination University Programme website to register and download the book:

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    关于MIPS CPU的热门教材[俄语翻译]现已可供下载-在首24小时下载超过1600

    英国伦敦 – 2015年6月22日
    关于MIPS CPU的教科书“Digital Design and Computer Architecture” (俄语翻译),由教授大卫哈里斯博士和萨拉•哈里斯共同编写,现在可以在IUP的网站免费下载。


    Teaching Resources

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