The Acquirement of Codescape MIPS proSDK

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    Hello, dear “Imagination Technologies” team!

    On your site alongside with Codescape MIPS SDK software, which is available for free download, you offer Codescape MIPS proSDK as well. Unlike to Codescape MIPS SDK this pro version can’t be downloaded freely from your site. On the other hand no price is indicated for this product, as it is usually done for commercial software. Please, tell me, how a common MIPS programmer can get this product?

    Respectively yours,


    Dear Ivan
    Codescape Pro has two licence types:
    – Fixed node $2000
    – Floating node $3250
    Compared with the free-of-charge Essentials package, there is the Codescape Debug console.
    But this needs a high performance JTAG adapter (DA-net) which is $2000.
    We can easily arrange to sell this to you.

    If you have a good justification for needing it, we can donate Codescape Pro, but you would need to buy the JTAG probe to go with it.

    In contrast, the Bus Blaster probe used by MIPSfpga is $45, and so far, this has satisfied all University requirements.

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    Dear Robert!

    Thank you very much for your detailed answer!

    At present time I don’t feel urgency in the pro version of the MIPS Codescape product. Simply I was interested in this software and the price, it is available at for programmers. Nevertheless, I’d like to clear up two issues.

    1. In your response you’ve mentioned two licences, Codescape MIPS proSDK can be obtained under: fixed node and floating node licence. These licences have different costs — one is available for $2000 and the other for $3250. Tell me please, what is the difference between these licences (perhaps this difference is described on Imagination Technologies site and you could simply give me a link to the correspondent page).

    2. You wrote, to work with Codescape Pro properly and use all its features, I need to buy a JTAG probe. Could you kindly advise me an appropriate model of the JTAG probe, suitable for use together with any MIPS processor and Codescape MIPS proSDK software?


    A fixed node licence allows the software to be installed on one specific workstation.
    A floating node licence (or multiple licences) is on a server and can be used by any workstation on the network up to the maximum number of licences bought. Companies and Universities like floating node licences because the server holds the licence(s) and the users can use the software at any workstation on the network.

    For Codescape Essentials we recommend the low-cost Bus Blaster probe from SEEED Studio (approx. $45).
    It’s even on Amazon:

    For professional users working with our highest performance cores, we have the SP55E Probe which works with the DeBug console in Codescape Pro. This probe is very powerful, but is much more expensive.
    Details are here:

    MIPS Debug and Trace Probes

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    Dear Robert!
    Thank you for your information! The last question, I have. How can I learn the price for the SP55E Probe, you recommended me? There is no price on the page, describing it.

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    You have to request a quotation from our Sales team.
    I believe the price is circa $2000 (USD)

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    Thank you for your consultation, Robert!

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