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    Thanks for visiting our new Forum. This is the right place for discussions about courses, curricula, and student projects.

    – For technical support please use the Developer Forums for the appropriate technology like MIPS, Power VR and FlowCloud.

    Please make this Forum your primary route to interact with the IUP Team.
    There is also a Careers section on for those looking for job opportunities at Imagination around the world.

    Many thanks,
    Robert Owen



    So where exactly is the MIPSfpga located within the resources, for I can’t seem to find it(?)
    I’m asking mostly about the RTL-level implementation, not the SDK.

    If anyone can point it out, that would help. Thanks

    PS: I seem to have registered for the IUP program and I got an email stating “Welcome to the Imagination University Programme now you can browse restricted content.” – I would guess it’s bundled in the “restricted content” section, but I can’t seem to find one.


    Dear Bogdan
    Great question.
    We are in beta-test during April-May, with the first production version open to all being online in June.
    At the moment the download is under IUP>Resources>Teaching Materials “Beta-Test” tab and is password protected.
    I will message you with an invitation to take part in the beta-test with a password.
    Your registration will be needed for this.
    That phrase “Restricted Content” should be perhaps changed to “controlled content for registered users”.
    Thanks very much for your feedback – it’s helping us to optimise these systems.



    Hi, Robert,

    May I request the password for the betas as well?

    Thanks in advance,



    To download the MIPSfpga core and the MIPSfpga Getting Started Guide, follow these three steps:
    1. Join the Imagination Community here:
    2. Register for the Imagination University Programme here:
    3. Apply for the MIPSfpga download here:
    – You will need the password from me via message or e-mail.

    After following the above steps, I will approve your request within 24 hours via an email that provides the link to access the MIPSfpga materials.
    – You will get a notification that once you have logged-in, you can make the download.

    Key points to Note:
    – The beta-test trial will now run until e/o May.
    – Your feedback would be much appreciated. Please send it to e-mail:
    – A public MIPSfpga Forum will start in June.
    – All prospective users should make their request directly to me (where they are password protected).
    – The package must not be passed from user to user. Each user must register and accept a licence to be legally compliant.
    – Linux will follow later (we do now have a working prototype with the right FPGA blocks and s/w drivers)
    Robert Owen

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    Its June..!! Waiting for Password and to get my hands on MIPS Core..!!



    Hi! It´s June!!! Where can I apply for the MIPSfpga download?
    I cannot find the link in the beta test page
    It will be amazing to learn from a real mips core
    Thanks for all!

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    I have sent you a message with the appropriate info.



    Dear Robert,

    I would like to apply for the Beta-Test material.

    Thank you,

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    Dear Robert,
    Could you send me the password for the MIPSfpga,Thx very much


    I have provided the info to you in a separate message.



    Hi, Robert,

    May I request the password for the betas as well?


    Diqing Hu

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    Is there going to be a MIPSfpga Computer Architecture Workshop in the US?


    Dear Ron
    Yes, we are planning MIPSfpga Workshops in Santa Clara and Portland State April/May time.
    Details will appear on the events page shortly.

    IUP Events

    Thanks very much for your interest.

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