Two different tests on two cores

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    I need to run two different tests on two cores of interaptive.
    Ex: test_case0 on core0
    and test_case1 on core1
    so, How should i pass these tests on two cores?
    I am trying to use the cpu_num as id to launch these tests onto the core0 and core1. but somewhere it went wrong.
    could you help me.



    I Need more information.

    What target are you using?

    What tools are you using?



    I am running the test in c-environment.
    Before jumping to the testcase(which is written in c lang), first the processor should boot.
    After booting(i.e using boot.s file), it should jump to the location main.c(which has num of cpus’s, num of cores, num of vpes, num of vpes for each core arguments from the boot.s file).
    In main.c it shoud decide which test_case should be passed to which core/vpe.
    My doubt is which value should be used to check the condition. (whether it is core_num or vpe_num or both core_num and vpe_num ?)

    And other doubt is:
    how to allocate the stack pointer ? (whether the stack pointer should be allocated to each vpe or each core?)
    If at all stack pointer should be allocated for each vpe/each core , then how? on what basis stack should be allocated?

    I hope you will understand.



    Hi Rekha,

    There is a application note (which has a link to code) that walks you through what you have to do to boot, get the information you need, setup stack pointers and start code running in RAM on each VPE. Here is the link:

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