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    We’ve improved access to our forums to make them integral to the community.

    Thanks for actively engaging in discussions, and for helping make the forums a great place to post questions and share comments with developers, engineers and Imagination moderators.

    Forum members should be able to login with their existing forum user name and password. If you cannot, then please register for a new community account.

    Going forward, please use the new URL, https://community.imgtec.com/forums.

    Thank you!

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    Thanks, Paul! Glad to see user’s can now edit posts. And the post editing features look to be much improved!

    However, I noticed that forum usernames got lost, and first names are now being posted instead (example:

    * https://community.imgtec.com/forums/topic/more-khr_debug-progress-powervr-sdk-3-4/#post-42964

    (see the difference between the first post in the thread and the last).

    Also, user avatar images didn’t make it through either. Just uploaded a new one.

    I don’t see a “Preview” feature so users’ can preview what their post will look like before posting. However, assuming there are no restrictions on editing, that’s not a big problem.

    And finally, did we lose RSS feeds for the forums in the upgrades, or is there an alternate URL you could point us to. Previously:

    * http://forum.imgtec.com/categories/powervr-graphics/feed.rss

    This worked. However, now neither this URL nor the more common https://community.imgtec.com/forums/feeds/posts/default produce an RSS feed.


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    Thank you for your feedback – much appreciated – more commonplace properties and new features are planned, so I’ll be sure to keep your comments in mind.

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    @viznut you can access the forum feed here https://community.imgtec.com/forums/feed/

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    Thank you, Stuart! Just subscribed to that feed.

    I haven’t been able to find a variant that just gives me cat/powervr-insider-graphics/ posts, but that’s a low-priority future feature request if not supported now.

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    I see the FirstName -> Username update was made. For some reason though, user avatar images aren’t displayed anymore (see my posts above for instance: Joe vs. Dark_Photon).

    And now my new posts are showing as Joe again.

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    Please ignore my last post. I had my wires crossed.

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    I’m going to be critical here. You’ve been warned 🙂

    Is that the third time you are changing your forums in the last 4 years?
    To be honest I was just getting used to the last forum update and you change it again.
    Post edit does not work for me.
    All forum links are broken.
    I quite liked the ‘Answered’ feature from the previous forum. Is this gone?
    It’s a shame the new forum does not have a “like” system à la http://xenforo.com/ which is a bit like the up/down vote from stackoverflow. Post rating is a valuable feature.

    Edit seems to work now. Is there a time limit for post edit? Posts from last week I sure can’t edit.

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    Could you guys fix the forums to:

    1. Not parse for markup in preformatted sections
    2. Add a genuine preview feature as is available in nearly all other forum software!

    Or just use VBulletin for the forums (please!) Your users will be glad that you did. The forums would be much easier to use. VBulletin doesn’t have all the odd “parsing quirks” that ImgTec’s forum software does, it does have a genuine preview feature, allows you to use the full width of your browser window for posts rather than a narrow column only ~5 inches wide, and it’s much more user friendly.

    Re #1, I was trying to put this in a preformatted text (code block):


    However the forum software munges this and displays it as:

    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path

    That’s annoying. How do I protect against this happening? Where’s the page describing exactly what the markup for these forums is (including escapes and what must be escaped)?

    This is not the only example; this kind of post munging/triage happens with me frequently on these forums.

    With this in mind, #2: there’s no preview feature I can use to verify the forums aren’t going to munge my reply in some odd way and perform fix-ups before I actually hit “Post”. Now there is some kind of ~3-5 minute edit timeout where the forums allow you to edit your own post, but very soon after that permission is revoked. The forums are quirky enough sometimes you need more than that to figure out how to defeat the post parser. You feel like you’re racing a ticking timebomb trying to fix up your post fast enough before the forums revoke edit ability for your own post. That’s really annoying. I’m inclined to just post my reply elsewhere (in a VBulletin forum like opengl.org or in a wiki) and post a link here in the PowerVR forums because it’d be a lot less hastle.

    So please, provide a genuine preview feature (with no timeout for number of previews or length of compose period!), don’t parse markup in preformatted sections, provide a page detailing exactly what the markup is (including escapes and what needs to be escaped), and seriously consider moving to some standard, well tested, less annoying forum software like VBulletin. Thanks!

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