Window -> Debugging -> Variables shows only 1 (Lab Ex. 4 of Microchip Dev. Help)

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    Hi, all

    I have just gone through “Lab Exercise 4: Operators” under Microchip Developer Help: Fundamentals of C Programming for the third time.

    The first two times, I used MPLAB X IDE v3.65, and this time I used v4.00.

    I have been following the instructions precisely, and the code compiles fine. However, when it’s time to look at the variables [where the instructions say “Open the Variables Window with either Window -> Debugging -> Variables or ( Alt + Shift + 1)”], I do not see the variables (I only see one: longVariable2; nothing else).

    I’m not worried about the C-programming concepts here; I’m concerned about not being able to use this feature of MPLAB X (in case I need it later).

    Any ideas as to why I can’t see the other variables?

    Thank you


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    We are the architects of the MIPS processor used in the PIC32, but we didn’t design the development tools.
    MPLAB X is Microchip’s own product and your question should go on their MPLab Forum:

    Good luck!



    Thank you, Robert!


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