Mountain Sheep

Mountain Sheep is an independent game developer based in Helsinki, Finland, headed up by brothers Kimmo and Timo Vihola. Mountain Sheep was founded in 2006, and boasts more than 10 games in their portfolio. These are targeted at several platforms like iOS, Android, PSP, Windows, OS X and OUYA.

Best known for their hit games Bike Baron, Minigore and Ice Rage, they are currently working on the game Hardland for PC, an RPG about a world ruled by a dying king, with no dictated journey – you are sent to find your own way. Mountain Sheep have used the PowerVR Object Data (POD) file format and associated tools as the core of their asset pipeline for years. Through POD, they are able to save significant effort during asset deployment and consistently develop games that scale for mobile production.

In the development of Hardland, they have used PVRGeoPOD for exporting models out of Blender, and the PowerVR SDK to import the models into the game. Mountain Sheep have gone so far as to call the PowerVR SDK a “straightforward and reliable toolset capable of handling all the different vertex configurations” required for the game. They also made use of PVRShaman to, for example, inspect the models to check if two identical meshes on top of each other have been mistakenly exported.

“…Another great thing about using these tools is that Imagination Technologies have been really quick to respond to our bug reports and feature requests, even providing us with a beta version where needed. Having quick access to a beta straight away lets us just move on, and not to have worry about working around the problem until the next official release of the tool.”

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