Teaching Resources

Our focus is on providing the four vital elements that you need to teach a course:

  1. A suitable hardware platform, at a reasonable price
  2. The software development tools free-of-charge
  3. Effective technical support
  4. Excellent teaching materials which serve genuine teaching needs (not marketing materials!)


Software Development Tools & Integrated Development Environments

The development tool chains for both PowerVR and MIPS are available to academia at no-charge:

MIPSfpga: Complete OpenOCD & Codescape Essentials Software Tools

(The Installer in the MIPSfpga English Getting Started Package requires an Internet Connection to retrieve the software. This download is for offline installation where no internet connection is available in the Lab)

OpenOCD / Codescape (offline installer)


Popular choices of hardware powered by MIPS PowerVR and FlowCloud technology



  The IUP Forum

For discussions about teaching and projects:

  • curriculum topics
  • student projects
  • teaching materials and support

Get advice from the forum monitored by IUP staff
For all other technical support please visit the appropriate support forum: